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Nibble is a social dining app that provides dining recommendations by creating a group profile based on individual's food and beverage preferences and restrictions. 

People have food & beverage preferences – some are based purely on taste and others are lifestyle choices. People also have dietary restrictions which are due to health conditions and religious beliefs. Nibble provides an opportunity to create a positive social experience around eating & drinking that results in letting everyone have their dietary needs met.




Deedible, an online matching & auctioning service that connects property owners and real estate agents. For property owners, Deedible allows them to anonymously present their property to a pool of real estate agents in an effort to solicit multiple proposals to list and market their property for sale.  For real estate agents, Deedible delivers a pre-qaulaified lead and a proposal management platform.

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LifeFactory was founded as a health-minded, design forward glass baby bottle company. Originally the focus was to create a safer drinking solution (BPA-free) for babies.  Since launching, the company has expanded its product line to water bottles, wine glasses and food containers.