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Some Really Nice things People have said:


“Launching a groundbreaking start-up within a 100 year-old company takes a lot of vision, courage and perseverance. Mike has a surplus of all three traits.”  

- Matthew Carlson, Design Director at Adobe and former Principal at Hot Studio


“Michael Crane was there for us at every step. He helped us focus our efforts and be judicious with every move. Strategy, introductions to accelerators, UX feedback (and criticism), actually engaging with our product, you name it. He knows the game. He plays it right. And damnit I wish we were further along so we could hire him.” 

- Joe Quinn, Founder & CEO, Pilates Metrics


“Drop Michael in unfamiliar territory and he'll quickly find his way and start performing. He's sharp and observant enough to be effective and savvy and sensitive enough to not ruffle feathers (unless they really need rufflling). He has a deep commitment to sustainability and enough experience to know how to push long-term change through even an entrenched organization.”

- Nathan Shedroff, Executive Director of Seed Vault and former Chair of California College of the Arts Design MBA program